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After fishing with an Aquastar 43 and a Southboat Cat in Shetland, both great vessels i wanted to get a vessel that would cope with the conditions North of Shetland and would not drift too fast. Speed over the ground on the drift is important and also being close to the water as gaffing large fish all day from high gunnel boats can be challenging. So this made the Aquabell 33 Trojan work boat an ideal choice. This boat has been fitted out to a high standard and with anglers comfort paramount. This vessel is smaller than my Rodman 12.50 however she handles the swell no problem.




  • Safety is paramount in these northern waters and it will always come first.
  • You don't need to bring lead weights as we provide what you will need on board.
  • We also operate a strict no alcohol policy in Shetland
  • Keep your gear to a minimum as you don't need lots of gear.

Tackle and gear you will need


17 lb Angler for Tom


You want to enjoy good sport, so 30/50 class gear is ideal for most fishing. We can go to 80 lbs when we target big Ling on the wrecks. Braid is a must and 50/80 lbs will cover all your needs.


End tackle can vary, but we keep it simple. A sliding boom and 6ft trace of 100 lbs with a large shad or good quality artificial will take Cod, Pollack and Coalfish. Large Hooks are essential minimum  8/0 for Ling and big Cod. You need to fish a good heavy trace as large ling will often take a lure and make short work of 80 lbs mono. We don't fish wire at any time.




Long slim pirks/Jigs are great for Coalfish and Pollack but they need to be at least a 20 oz anything lighter will be no good in 360 ft of water.


On board we have good quality rods and matching reels that can be hired at £10. Lures and leads are on board so please don't bring loads of leads, you won’t need them and we have a good selection on board. We can make sure each side of the boat fish heavy or light depending on the drift.


Leads are £3 and £3.50 you only pay for what you lose and on an average day you should not lose more than 2 or 3. We supply leads which save you carrying it on a long trip and also to ensure that every one is fishing the right lead for the right depth. Light leads under the boat can spoil the angling for everyone else on the boat.









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