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I stopped posting reports as all angling reports include cod to 30 plus, Coalfish to 20  plus and Ling to 40 lbs. Add into the mix Haddock to 10 lbs at times and Angler fish to 21 lbs. Plaice to 4 lbs plus and the odd Halibut then you start to get the picture. 

This picture on the sounder above is what we encounter often in the rich waters out from Cullivoe. You will see the heavy red band at the bottom of the sounder which is a shingle bank, all the little marks above are cod and coalfish feeding on bait fish. When you drop down in this you never reach the bottom!

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What a Season in 2016


What a season! Ling to 58 lbs, Cod to 42 lbs and Turbot to 24.9lbs, Coalfish to 32 lbs,Hake to 21 lbs. The cod were thick on the ground from late April. The wrecks were full of huge Ling and plenty of Coalfish on the big tides from March Sand eel and Mackerel arrived in good numbers in June now all the food chain will click into place.



April 2012 starts with a bang! We thought March would be hard to follow when Eddie Christie captured the new Scottish record Turbot. With the weather unsettled we had to go to the East on the first day of a 3 day trip for Karl, Big Tag and the lads where we had a few Ling and Tursk.On the Sat we got offshore and after two hours of fantastic wrecking some of the crew had had enough, sore backs and arms! We did try the inshore marks but big tides meant it was difficult to get among the big flats. On the Sunday we had one decent Turbot. On the Monday we were joined by local Shetland lads, Alistair and Howard. We had 6 Turbot to 19 lbs 15 oz and plenty of Cod to 23 lbs. We also had a bonus Plaice which fell to Jan from Shetland. The weather gave us rain, sleet and sunshine, happy days!!


Cod, Cod and more Cod!!!


August and September 2012 have been fantastic. The Scottish Record for Turbot has been smashed again for the third time. Big Robert McMillan now holds the record with a fish of 29 lbs 7 oz. 15 Turbot over two days with 4 over 20 lbs! Cod to 34 lbs and Coalfish to 28 lbs in the last month, not to mention Ling to 44 lbs. recently we had to stop fishing after three hours as the hold was full and we had no more room to store fish. We put back loads of fish in the shallower water.







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